July 16, 2013

Project Life- Missionary Editions

Well, many of you probably read Becky Higgin's blog post yesterday, announcing the new core kits. It is such an honor to be named among fabulous designers! It was a lot of fun to work on a full edition for Project Life.

I was able to work on the LDS Mission Editions, for Elders and Sisters. Becky has a great explanation on her blog post, if you aren't familiar with LDS missions.

Here's the story of how I got asked to design these editions:
I started selling some missionary themed journal cards in my Etsy Shop. I designed a few cards so I could get my husbands mission photos organized, and I figured others might be needing mission themed cards as well. I listed them in my shop and I had been selling them for a few weeks... until I got a call from Becky Higgins. I was in big trouble! Okay, not really. But 'Project Life' is a registered trademark and I used it in my title and description. I was so oblivious to the legal stuff! She filled me in on all the details. She was planning on designing a missionary kit and did an internet search. That's when she came across my designs. She liked how simple and clean the cards were. So she asked me to design a FULL kit. So I simply took the cards off my site and went to work. Well, after I ran around my house like a crazy lady. I was really excited!

Below are some images of the journal and filler cards. The kits are very similar. The cards with journaling prompts and quotes can be found in both kits. Different patterns and colors.

Can't wait to get my hands on the printed kit and get my husband started on Project Life!

Kimberly Church || Project Life Missionary Edition- Elders

Kimberly Church || Project Life Missionary Edition- Sisters


  1. Congrats, what a great story, I would have freaked out... These are gorgeous, you should be very proud of these.. Hope you do more kits in the future! Love your designs!

  2. Well, what a HAPPY accident!! :) They look great! How exciting!