February 6, 2013

Custom Girls Camp Graphic

"Stand in holy places, for there's no place like home"

I created this custom girls camp graphic a few weeks ago. Girls camp is for girls 12-18 years old, I went every summer and it was a good time. This particular Stake is using the Wizard of Oz theme in combination with the youth theme for this year, "Stand ye in holy places." This will be used for banners, tshirts and all that jazz.

Don't you love the saucy young woman standing there in her high heels? I think the girls will really love it.

I then reused part of the graphic to make generic posters and bookmarks that can be purchased in the shop.

If you would like to purchase this design for your girls camp, please contact me. I will happily customize it and resize it to whatever size you need.

Kimberly Church || Wizard of Oz Girls Camp Graphic 2013

Kimberly Church || 2013 LDS Mutual Theme Bookmarks

Kimberly Church || 2013 LDS Mutual Theme Posters


  1. We are doing the same theme : wizard of oz

    Is there anyway I could buy your There's no place like home

    the first poster you have that has girls camp 2013 on it?


    1. Deb, of course! I sent you an email about it. :)

  2. We did the University of OZ last year, OZ standing for " Our Zion".
    It was great the the individual wards named them something from Wizard of Oz or Wicked the musical. Some fun ones included The Twister Sisters, Tinsels in Distress, Homegirlz, My Pretties, etc. Our camp song was "Where you Stand" by Jenny Phillips. It was OZ-some! Hope you have a fabulous camp year. Beautiful design!

    1. Jenne, That is way cool! Thank you for the fun ideas!

  3. I would like to use this graphic for our ward camp t shirts. Anyway I can do that?
    Thanks, Jenny

  4. Love this! Please let me know pricing, sobagirl@hotmail.com

  5. We would like to use this graphic for our ward camp t shirts too! May we use this? Please let me know! Thank you, Rae

  6. Rae, Please fill out the contact form on my blog. I will happily customize it for your ward. Price varies depending on what file types you need. Thank you!

  7. I just LOVE this! Our camp theme is "Come Unto Christ," with a Wizard of Oz theme. It would be awesome if you could redesign this to say "Come Unto Christ for there's no place like home." I don't know how you'd fit in the sassy red heels, but if you can, that's cool too! Feel free to email me scrapmom 3 at gmail dot com