November 9, 2012

Christmas Card Design Challenge

Last week I submitted two designs into a holiday design contest over at Well, I found out today that I am in the top 25! You will be choosing the TOP 10 Designs! The winning designs will be posted on her blog for free! Yes, I said FREE! So Awesome!

To vote, you need to hop on over to Becky Higgins Facebook Page. "Like" your favorites in her "Holiday Card Finalists 2012" album. Just FYI, comments won't be counted. It ends on Monday November 12 at midnight MSD. So hurry hurry hurry! And send your friends to vote too!!

Kimberly Church || Becky Higgins 2012 Holiday Design Contest


  1. I LOVED your designs and I voted for both of them... even though I didn't know who designed them...I just saw you got top ten for them both! Congratulations.

    I had to google your name once I read it on Becky's blog so I could say "Thank you so much for the free download".

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much! And so sweet of you for taking the time to say Thank you. I appreciate it. Totally made my day! :)

  3. Beautiful! I too had to google you...glad I found you though. Thank you for submitting these designs!